Yvonne’s Book

Daughter ARISE book coverA Journey From Devastation to Restoration

“I want to take this opportunity to tell you about my autobiography Daughter Arise. My book is about the sexual abuse I endured at the hands of my natural father from the age of nine to thirteen years old and the devastation I experienced in my life for many years afterwards. I ended up in the care system and embarked upon a destructive path of drinking, smoking drugs, self harming and other dysfunctional behaviour as I did not know how to deal with the pain, despair and heartache I felt inside. I suffered on so many levels and have lost a lot along the way but I have never regretted the decision to speak out about what my father was doing. When you’re in the midst of pain it takes strength to survive and courage to walk on the road to healing, courage to fight the feelings of guilt and shame but I did not have to do this by myself because I found faith, love and hope in Jesus.

If you have not already read my book, you will see I have been through some very trying times but this book which took me two and a half years to write is a testament to what God can do in a broken life. It has been 26 years since I was first abused and I am still on the journey to full recovery. It has been hard at times and some days I have felt like giving up but I keep going, hoping that something good can come out of such a bad start in my life, and thankfully good things have started to happen as you can see from this website not only am I a published Author but an Inspirational Speaker and Founder and Director of this organisation, Daughter Arise.

You can purchase my book from Amazon and many other outlets or you can get a signed copy of my book directly from me yvonnesbook@daughterarise.org.uk .

I hope you find my story inspirational and encouraging and know what God has done for me he can also do for you. “