To find your voice is to find your strength

It gives power to your soul, to tell the story of your journey

No one can steal or take it away

It is your weapon to fight the lies

It is your shield to protect you from further harm


There was a time when I thought my voice did not matter

When my body and the right to be me, was violated and desecrated

It went mute

It hid away

But through inner defiance

I found it

And never will I be silent again


It is the most wonderful of gifts

I have learned of its powerful use

It has given me everything I need to win, when life and circumstances set me up to lose


My voice has the power to influence and encourage

Promote hope and create change

It shuns Darkness

It hates secrets

For it projects truth and love

Its courage speaks on behalf of those yet to find theirs

It unites others and radiates hope

It alerts the world to injustice

And brings light to the cause


This gift has provided me with the words to express

The years I have battled inwardly

With the burden of emotional distress

I have learned to embrace its tone and depth

For I know because of it

I have been blessed


Many hate to hear it

Because it speaks forthrightly of my life

It may not be eloquently polished or masterfully defined

But it is my gift from God

No one can take it from me

It is unashamedly mine


Powered by faith, it empowers others

Days, months and years

I have invested into sharing my story to encourage survivors,

The gift, it was given to me for free

To use it has cost me greatly but its legacy will evidently be seen


Still, I encourage you

To seek out the gift God has given you

Find your voice

Choose your words

It is the key to freedom, power to you healing


It is your gift

No one can take it away

Find it, cherish it, use it

Do not let it waste away






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  1. Jessey Boni Boni j says:

    Beautiful piece. Well done dear. I pray that you will continue to be a voice to the voiceless. Surely history will bear witness to your great courage and inner strength. You are a star. May you continue to shine and bring hope where there is no hope.

  2. Andrena Palmer says:

    Brilliant Yvonne 😀

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