The Best of 2020


Wow, what a year! It has been quite challenging mentally, spiritually and emotionally at times, but I am glad to say I’ve made it through! I’m sure we can all find plenty of negative things to talk about. Instead, I want to focus on the positive and the best of 2020.


This year has been one of recognition and realisation. I won two awards, and this was a new experience for me. Besides being a Women Appreciating Women award recipient, I also received an award from Small business Enterprise for best support organisation (Daughter Arise).


Both awards mean a lot to me. It further confirmed that it’s not the size of the organisation that matters, but the quality of what we offer. I came to this realisation some time ago. I have peace about this, as in the earlier years I felt because Daughter Arise is a small organisation we were not as effective as the big ones. Nothing could be further from the truth.


Daughter Arise is a heart-led organisation. We care about each survivor. We are adaptable and tailor to the needs of those who need our help. Yes, we are small but as the saying goes’ great things come in small packages’. From the feedback, I have received over the last ten years and staying true to the vision. Daughter Arise has proved itself effective and powerful. God has helped me to appreciate the unique value in small beginnings.


Daughter Arise has also discovered that not even the Coronavirus can break human connections. As with other businesses and organisations, we had to ‘pivot’ the support group that we offer online. We held the group via Zoom for eight months. It was a great success. I was touched by the strong bond we have formed as women in the group. Peer empowerment is still alive and well and was evident in the way we all supported and encouraged each other. The virtual group also gave the ladies that were apprehensive about coming to the face-to-face group an opportunity to attend. It was a lovely introduction for them as to what we offer.


These achievements have shown me the best of 2020. It has not been without challenges. Daughter Arise will continue to stay true to what we do.


Wishing you all a merry Christmas and a happy new year.


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