This is what people have said to us about Daughter Arise:

Senior Social Worker Maria Reynolds

quotes-orange“Hearing Yvonne talk about her experiences in life and foster care gave us a valuable insight into her resilience and perseverance, inspiring in us, the power of positive change.”


Kate Megase, Founder and Director, The Personal Growth and Development Centre, Accredited Counsellor

quotes-orange“Yvonne has been a guest speaker at a few of my events which aims to raise awareness about mental health issues and promote positive emotional wellbeing. Yvonne is a very passionate, courageous, hard working, and determined person. She is very open about her experiences and very determined in helping victims of abuse. Thank you Yvonne for having the courage to help others. What was meant for your harm, God is surely using it to your advantage. Keep up the good work.”


Shelia, Support group user

quotes-orangeIt’s reassuring to know that there’s a website that I can go to whenever I need a pick-me-up or a word of encouragement and hope. Being an adult survivor of sexual abuse, it’s not often that a serious subject matter is openingly publicised or discussed in the safe and sensitive way that Yvonne approaches it. I like to read the latest news updates, events and what’s in store in next month’s Support Group, as I am a regular monthly attendee. I especially enjoy reading the Tweets from the website as they are both lightheartingly funny and seriously informative. Daughter Arise’s website creates a nice balance as sexual abuse (or any kind of abuse) can easily just be all doom and gloom. Thank you Yvonne !!”


Natasha Rego, Children and Young People Participation Officer, Wandsworth Council

quotes-orangeYvonne Ellis is the true embodiment of a survivor. Yvonne shared her life events with a group of young people I work with and was nothing but inspiring. She connected with the young people at an emotional level and spoke with such honesty about her adversity and experiences. Yvonne made a lasting impression with all of us and she showed young people that no matter how bad your situation, you can still succeed in life if you give yourself a chance”


Jane Pugh, Independent Visitor Volunteer Co-ordinator, Children’s Quality Assurance and Safeguarding Service Social Care and Families Support Division, Croydon Council

quotes-orangeYvonne came to talk to our independent visitors and her talk was well received. She gave an honest description of how the sexual abuse she suffered as a child took place and how it affected her then and now. However much training you have about childhood abuse, it is theoretical. To hear from someone who is willing to share the pain of what happened to them makes you realise what it actually means in emotional terms for a sufferer as the person is standing in front of you telling their story. I was deeply moved by Yvonne’s presentation and I know the independent visitor group felt privileged to hear from her in person”


Peter Hamilton, Manager, Westminster Council Leaving Care Service

quotes-orangeYvonne Ellis accepted my invitation to speak at the Westminster looked after children’s and care leavers conference held at Tate Britain in February 2011.

Yvonne gave a moving and insightful speech about her experience of going through abuse and about the difficulties she faced being in care system and beyond. Her story inspired hope and she encouraged our young people to use the resources available to them the best they can in order to deal with hard and difficult feelings so they too can find their voice.

The conference was attended by over 80 children and young people aged 5- 21 and adult professionals who work with the young people. Yvonne managed to pitch her talk so it was understandable to all”