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Survivors Voice was first created in the first Daughter Arise Awareness Event by me, its Founder Yvonne Ellis in September 2013. I created a space within the event to allow survivors of Sexual abuse a space to share their own journey of how they came to be sexually abused, how it affected their life and their journey to healing.

At our Awareness Events, survivor’s voice has proved hugely popular, encouraging and inspirational to other survivors who are trying to find confidence for the first time to help find their voice and insightful to those who have not known how abuse hurts lives.

This page serves to build on what has been started in these events. It is a space for other survivors to share and express themselves in a safe way. This page is a mixture of poems, short stories and words of encouragement to help others. The comments and content on this page is moderated by me and I help survivors to present their work where needed.

I hope you find this page encouraging.



I was a tiny person
When you laid your hands on me,

I didn’t have an adult who could
Hold and set me free,

I silenced as you clamped your hand
Across my mouth,
My eyes looked out in fear
And screaming…I had no idea,

As I was, just aged three

You pushed your fingers inside me, I couldn’t work it out,
You did it in a hurry
Like you knew if you let go I’d shout,

It seemed to last forever and it’s imprint found a home,
It hid away for years
While other did version of the same..

I am just aged three

Years and years
It carried on until
I kicked and screamed
But still no one listened,
terror splinters remain internally

I tried hard to make someone love the horror, the left over bits of me
But as an adult it came back to haunt in whispers,
The body remembers

Disclosure shows
Nearly everyone has a turn…

Mine began when I was just three..

I began healing with support of another trusted adult,
I healed my mind, my body, they helped me know I had been let down,
Another person from where it happened acknowledged my truth
And finally I spoke out,
Everytime I help someone else by sharing I heal even more

POEM BY- Chrissy Kelly

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  1. evey76 says:

    Real honest poem Cheven. Thank you for your honesty, you are an encouragement.

    Y x

  2. evey76 says:

    Thank you Sara for your poem, you are right the journey is just beginning but you will do great things in your life x

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