Daughter Arise Awareness Event 2014, Platanos College

Platanos College Event


Sexual abuse is a national health epidemic. With as much as 11.5 million adult survivors in the UK alone little seems to be done in addressing how it affects people in the aftermath and providing the support needed in facing such a traumatic life experience. It is a topic that is rarely discussed in any great detail in society and adult survivors of this crime are often left isolated and alone as they feel that no one understands their journey.

That is why Daughter Arise puts on each year an annual Afternoon Tea Awareness Event to encourage survivors of abuse that there is hope. With a mixture of information, performances and personal testimonies,this event continues to be a huge success, not only in attendance but in how it has impacted the lives of those affected, professionals in the care and social work field, friends and relatives who have found it a safe haven to address this subject.


Price is £3.50 with £1.50 p&p.