Healing in what you Love

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My love of writing helped me heal from childhood sexual abuse. It has had a positive and beneficial influence on my life. It gave me a voice when I didn’t think I had the right to have one. Helped me articulate my feelings, and the courage to openly talk about difficult topics. When I faced the darkest times in my life, it was a source of support and comfort. I found healing in what I love.


What does it mean to find healing in what you love? It simply means spending time engaging in hobbies, pursuits and interests that bring you a sense of peace, fulfilment and hope. Something you can turn to for respite from your troubles. It allows you space and time to see a different side of yourself.


I know how it feels to constantly live with the reminder of past abuse. The memories come back when you least expect it and feelings can be overwhelming at times. Because of its intrusive nature, it can affect every area of life. It may seem hard to believe but abuse is not your identity. That is why it is good to engage in things that help you find a sense of self. I want to share some benefits of finding healing in what you love.


Provides Escapism
The escapism I am talking about is focusing on something you enjoy, giving you a break away from thinking about your problems. Start with having that time once a week. Commit the time to do it. Be consistent in doing what you enjoy because in due time you will reap the benefits.


Can help build confidence
When I was in my darkest place I never thought I would be good at anything. My confidence was really low. Negative thoughts would flood my mind and I would get depressed. When I spent time doing things that I enjoyed, I felt good about myself. Over time my confidence grew and I tried other things. As you engage in doing the things that you love,  try and remember how you feel whilst doing it. Do you notice any changes in you? Maybe you could write about it or take pictures as a way of documenting it. As you’re reminded of your progress it will give you a confidence boost when you need it.


Good for your wellbeing

Not every survivor is at a place where they can disclose their abuse. To even acknowledge it can be hard. The journey to healing is personal and often complicated. I suffered from depression for over twenty years. There were times I struggled to talk about my abuse and holding the pain inside affected my mental health. When I started to write I had an avenue to let it all out. I felt calmer and had peace about situations that would usually bother me. I also slept better too! Stress and depression are not good for the mind, soul or body. Invest in your wellbeing and do activities that enable a better you.


As we start this new year I encourage you to do things that bring you joy, peace and a sense of achievement. You deserve it.


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    Another great article Yvonne x

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