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Happy New Year to you!


I think we can all agree 2020 was a challenging year!


Now that 2020 is in the past, I want to encourage you to use 2021 to have everyday courage.


I remember times earlier in my journey to healing from sexual abuse that there were things that I thought I couldn’t do. Such as:


  • Face the pain of past
  • Do new things
  • Pursue life outside of my past abuse

It’s been amazing that I have now achieved all of these things. When I think about how I achieved them, I cannot remember doing anything sudden or extraordinary. In all honestly, I just had everyday courage.


So what is everyday courage? It’s doing small positive things every day towards the desired outcome you want to see in your life. It’s making new and different decisions that enable you to live the life you want. It’s about doing what you can and trusting God with the rest. When I felt my strength, hope and determination were gone, God helped me. In my weakness, he made himself strong  (2 Corinthians 12:9).


So what does everyday courage look like in your life? It could be doing the following:


  • Finding your voice –telling someone for the first time what has happened to you.
  • Facing something that you have put off for a long time
  • Saying no to destructive habits or behaviours that have disempowered you and replacing them with positive things.


Write down what you want to develop everyday courage for. Most importantly write down the steps you believe it will take to get there. Once you have done that decide what small step you will start with. Remember courage is found in doing. Do what you can and day-by-day. Over time you will notice changes.


If you want to learn more about courage and want an action plan to go after your goals and dreams, check out The Courage Course.


If you have decided this year to exercising everyday courage let me know in the comments. I would love to hear from you!


Checkout my 2 part video on ‘How to have a healthy 2021’


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