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I am excited to share my new book with you supporting young people harmed through familial sexual abuse. It is aimed at Practitioners and Professionals that work with children and young people.


I created this eBook after successfully delivering my workshop by the same name to 100 Practitioners and Professionals. I was encouraged by the conversations, group working and feedback from the participants within the workshop. It has been an insightful and great learning experience to hear how Practitioners and Professionals empower those entrusted to their care.


I am aware of how busy those who work in social work, mental health, police, and other services are. So, with that in mind, I have designed this eBook is designed to complement the user. I hope you like it. It contains at a glance quick tips to empower on the go. I believe this eBook will make a positive impact. It contains information based on my life experience and knowledge on the subject. Also, ideas that have already been put into practice. It has already proved to be an effective tool for empowerment.


This eBook is the latest in a line of empowerment products created by me at YEME Empowerment. Later this year, I will be releasing my new book about courage, risk and faith. Also, I will be launching new workshops/courses. As well as other resources and services to facilitate empowerment. You will find on the store page a range that of stuff to help individuals, groups and organisations to empower and ignite positive life change.


If you are an organisation, company or group that would like to purchase a license to distribute the eBook amongst your staff, colleagues or members, please contact me at info@yemeempowerment.com. I will be happy to discuss your requirements.

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If you have brought the eBook, I would love to hear your feedback and thoughts on it. I hope it proves to be a powerful tool in supporting children and young people that have experienced familial abuse.



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